Karnevel in Koeln: a unique cultural experience

The German people are not necessarily infamous for being wild, carefree and fun-loving like other European nations. However, that seems like a rather obsolete statement when the word 'karneval' is used in the western, Rhineland region of Germany. Unlike many other festivals and events celebrated around the world, Karneval is something more than just a... Continue Reading →


Adapting to Life in the Countryside

Not only have I moved to a different country, with its own unique cultural differences which I have had to become accustomed to, I have also had to learn how to live in the Landschaft and the stark differences that entails from life in a city. Although Kleve (or Cleves) is technically a city, life... Continue Reading →

Living Abroad: Settling in

At the age of twenty and having lived in one city for my entire life, the concept of packing a couple of cases and moving to a different country, where I knew nobody,¬†was pretty daunting. One month on, it is probably time to reflect on how I handled the initial transition from one culture to... Continue Reading →

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